About Us

The Harmony Dental Clinic is an unique private dental clinic in Chengdu, whose major dentist, Dr. WU Bo, can speak English. Graduated with Doctors degree of clinical dentistry, Dr. WU Bo received a long and strict professional training and practice in general dentistry as well as in specialized dentistry. In addition to rich experience, she is a warm-hearted compassionate clinician with patience and decisiveness. 

Our clinic keeps up-to-date with international advances in techniques, materials and pain control, and is ready to present the high-quality modern dental care, which you deserve. 

The treatment here is excellent in technique, honest in practice, effective in result, reasonable in time-fee management, safe in sterilization control. 

Our practice philosophy is to help patients restore, achieve and maintain a healthy mouth that feels comfortable, looks good and functions long-term.  

Welcome for appointment making, examination and consultation.